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Hong Kong Photos by Mr Old 

霓虹● 形● 中環 Neon● Traces●Central 


在香港其中一個繁盛的市區 ─ 中環,出現了一塊即將被淘汰的霓虹燈牌,與燈牌下的車水馬龍的街道形成了新舊交融,一剛一柔的景象。

Neon light boards are about to be eliminated in Hong Kong, but one appeared in Central, one of the bustling districts in Hong Kong. At that moment, Central was a blend of ancient and modern - busy street represents modern, and the board represents ancient.

勝祥 Shing Cheung


旺角的街道中,有一塊鶴立雞群的霓虹燈牌,我將它變成這張相片的主角 ─ 《勝祥●押》(祥勝大押)。

There is a neon light board in Mong Kok, Shing Cheung (the Cheung Shing Pawnbroker), is like a crane standing among chickens. I made the board as the main character in this photo.

黃昏青馬 Evening Tsing Ma

04_Evening TsingMa.JPG

獨自走到青衣自然教育徑,找遍整個山頭,望向青馬大橋的視線都被高樹擋住了。正打算放棄之際,突然旁邊傳來聲音:「青雲徑那邊有一個好位置!」 結果,趕得及在這黃昏時份欣賞到這個畫面。

I walked alone to the Tsing Yi Nature Trails. I searched the whole mountain and I found that every angle of view of the Tsing Ma Bridge was blocked by the trees.

"There is a good position on Ching Wan Path!" a voice came out suddenly when I was just about to give up.

Finally, it was time for me to enjoy this wonderful scene at dusk.

維多利亞港 Victoria Harbour

07_Victoria Harbour.JPG


Victoria Harbour can be the representative of Hong Kong. The harbour connects two mainlands (New Territories / Kowloon and Hong Kong Island) of Hong Kong. Once we mention “Hong Kong”, I guess Victoria Harbour is one of the images comes out in the mind of non-Hongkongers.

花園街 “Garden”Street

08_“Garden” Street.JPG


Fa Yuen Street (“Fa Yuen” in Chinese means “Garden”) is one of the famous streets in Hong Kong. Although it is not a real garden, there are countless selling booths, like a garden of booths.

夏慤道 Harcourt Road

11_Harcourt Road.JPG


Harcourt Road is an important road for Hongkongers, always.


(Harcourt Road is a major thoroughfare in Hong Kong, named after Admiral Cecil Harcourt, who led the British forces to reclaim Hong Kong from Japan after World War II. It is located in the heart of the Central district, close to the Central Government Offices, the Legislative Council Complex, and the Chief Executive’s Office, making it a popular site for protests and demonstrations. During the Umbrella Movement, which lasted from September 28 to December 15, 2014, protesters occupied Harcourt Road for over two months. The road was also a focal point during the 2019 Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, with frequent protests and clashes taking place there.")

元朗大馬路 Yuen Long Main Road

13_Main Road in Yuen Long.JPG


The segment of Castle Peak Road in Yuen Long Town Centre was formerly known as ("Yuen Long Main Road.") This thoroughfare serves as a primary artery not only for Yuen Long, but also provides a key access for travelling to and from Tin Shui Wai. The road's distinctive design, featuring a light rail system that runs through a narrow and heavily trafficked corridor, has contributed to chronic congestion along this route.

輕鐵 vs單車 Light Rail HK vs Bicycle

14_LightRail HK vs Bicycle.JPG



Light Rail (MTR) is the characteristic transportation in the northwest of the New Territories in Hong Kong (like the tram in the UK), running through Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai. However, the citizen nearby made another choice, he rode a bike and got ready to drive out from another exit of the roundabout.

*感謝Mr Old提供以上照片及文字介紹

*Appreciation for Mr. Old's Provision of the Above Photos and Text Description

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