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In 1973, HK experienced a stock market craze, with crazy phenomena such as shark fins as ordinary meals and the use of banknotes as cigarette lighters. However, the market soon crashed and many went bankrupt. By the 1980s, Hong Kong had become an international financial centre despite the setback. During the negotiations for the territory's future, China promised that Hong Kong would continue to be a place where people could still "bet on horses, speculate in stocks, and dance in clubs" after 1997, reflecting the importance of finance in the city. HK was once considered one of the world's top three international financial centres, alongside New York and London, but its position has declined in recent years.

2007 歷代香港交易所明信片 The Hong Kong Exchange, Postcards throughout the Years

2004 HSBC總行錢箱 HSBC Main Building Penny Bank 

不同年代的硬幣 Coins from Different Eras

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