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World Class Athlete 香港運動員唔係垃圾

2004 港隊雅典奧運奪銀牌 Winning the Silver Medal at the Athens 2004 

2008 紀念協辦奧運馬術小全張 Stamp Sheetlet Commemorating HK Hosting Equestrian Events


The 2008 Olympic Games were held in Beijing, but various objective factors led to the equestrian events being held in Hong Kong, marking HK's first co-hosted Olympic event.

2009 第五屆東亞運動會胸章 The 5th East Asian Games Badge


The 2009 East Asian Games was an international multi-sport event and the biggest one ever hosted by HK. The highlight for Hongkongers was the football final on December 12, 2009 when HK was playing against Japan. The match ended in a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes of play; even after extra time, the score remained tied. The game had to be decided by penalty shootout; HK eventually beat Japan by 4-2 and won the gold medal. HK was once the football kingdom of Asia, but this was the first time the HK football team won the gold medal in an international multi-sport event.

2012 港隊倫敦奧運奪銅牌 Winning the Bronze Medal at the London 2012 

2021 港隊東京奧運、殘運取佳績 Hong Kong’s Outstanding Performance at the Tokyo 2020


Hong Kong won one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals at the, the best performance in the 69-year history of HK's participation in the Olympic Games.

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