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About Us

​Organisational Philosophy

The naming of Lightime CIC 「光時藝文」derives from the first emergence of the campaign theme and slogan "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times" by local pro-democracy activist and spokesperson for the Frontier Party, Edward Leung Tin-kei, during his candidacy for the New Territories East by-election of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. The term "光時" (Lightime) signifies the concept of liberation, while "藝文" represents the organization's focus on cultural and artistic endeavors. Through activities, education, and exhibitions related to arts, culture, and language preservation, Lightime CIC aims to unite and engage the Hong Kong community in the UK, fostering a strong Hong Kong identity across different age groups. The organization strives to establish a solid foundation for Hong Kong culture in the UK, emphasizing values such as diligence, resilience, cooperation, and determination, while passing on the spirit of perseverance and hard work to future generations.


Bringing Life Closer

Improving the Community by Art & Culture


To establish a designated day (commemoration day) for the Hong Kong community in the UK, starting with Manchester, to set up community activity centers where Hongkongers can gather and engage in learning opportunities in different regions.

Service Orientation

Lightime C.I.C., based in Manchester City, was established on 17 November 2021, to bring the next generation into contact with the history and culture of Hong Kong through different artistic, cultural, historical, and educational activities, thus preserving the spirit and culture of Hong Kong and inheriting it to next generation.

We commit to helping Hong Kong new arrivals adapt to life and integrate into the local community by offering advice support and meetings. We usually work in Greater Manchester, and we work with local residents, Hong Kong newcomers, and other emergent Hongkongers-led organisation across Greater Manchester.

We offer well-being support by helping Hong Kong newcomers build up their sense of belonging to the community, exploring employment opportunities, and providing information on arts and activities that both Hong Kong newcomers and Manchester residents can enjoy.

Volunteers Group

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