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Financial Operations

As Lightime CIC does not have any operational funds, it is necessary to organize fundraising events and apply for various grants to ensure high-quality services for participants.


One of the available grants is the "High 5 Brunswick Community Projects Funding" with a minimum amount of £500. With this grant, we aim to purchase 500 lanterns, the corresponding paints, brushes, and materials, seek venue sponsorships, and provide free mentoring to facilitate a 14-session "Community Lantern Painting Workshop" that can be enjoyed by individuals of different age groups, including both Hong Kong and Manchester residents.


On the other hand, the highest grant amount available is £10,000 from the "North West Hong Kong BN(O) VCFSE Grant." With this funding, we have rented the professional Contact Theatre at the University District of Manchester to organize the "Hong Kong Arts and Culture Day." The objective of this event is to create a platform for Hong Kong individuals to showcase exhibitions and perform arts in a professionally recognized venue in the UK.

Currently, our main operational activity is the "Mancunian Board Game Night" held every Friday evening, with a suggested donation of £1 to participate. As the event is ticketed through Eventbrite, administrative fees and taxes are deducted. The maximum capacity for each session is 60 participants, and the donations received are used to acquire new board games. Currently, the collection of board games for the event has increased from around 10 to over 50, with some contributions made by players. The prices of the board games range from £10 to £50 per box. As for other organized activities, they are either reliant on grants or operated on a voluntary basis.

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